ODU MINI-SNAP® Series F Super Shorty:
The compact solution for big challenges

Mühldorf am Inn, April 12, 2024

Space is a scarce commodity - especially in the world of electrical engineering, where every millimeter counts. Regardless of whether it is a portable optical device or a stationary installation. The trend towards ever smaller applications poses new challenges for users and manufacturers. To meet these requirements, ODU offers a suitable solution with the ODU MINI-SNAP® Super Shorty in the F series. This connector solves problems in places where there is no room for error, particularly thanks to the possibility of tailoring the cable assembly to the specific application.

Optimized for demanding conditions: 25% space saving without loss of quality

The ODU MINI-SNAP® Series F Super Shorty combines the advantages of the ODU MINI-SNAP® series in a smaller design. The connector offers the usual reliability with a size reduction of up to 25%. This makes the ODU MINI-SNAP® Series F Super Shorty the ideal solution for applications that require easy mounting in extremely confined spaces. A more efficient and flexible system design is therefore possible without having to compromise on performance or reliability. However, not only is a suitable connector required, a suitable cable assembly is also required for error-free transmission.

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Daniel Klemisch

Product Marketing Specialist