Universal data module – unique on the market

Mühldorf am Inn, June 23, 2021

The new data module for the ODU‐MAC® Blue‐Line combines several transmission variants:

  • USB® 3.2 Gen 1x21
  • HDMI®1 2.1
  • DisplayPort®1 2.0
  • CAT 5, CAT 6A

This solution remains unique on the market and lets you save space in the connector while benefiting from highly flexible data transfer options. In addition, the data interface including cable assembly is ready for immediate use. There is a growing demand for reliable transmission of high data rates in many application areas, from end‐of‐line testing for consumer electronics to high‐resolution camera technology for medical diagnostics.

Key features at a glance:

  • Selected inserts for USB® 3.2 GEN 1x21, HDMI®1 2.1, DisplayPort®1 2.0, CAT 5, CAT 6A
  • 3‐contact to 22‐contact
  • 360‐degree shielding
  • Minimum 10,000 mating cycles
  • Space requirement: 7 units

This flexible data transmission with shielded implementation is already available in the ODU‐MAC® White‐Line and Silver‐Line

1Data-transmission protocols

The contact arrangement of an ODU data transmission connector differs from a standard data transmission connector due to the robust ODU specific design. However, the ODU design meets the electrical specifications that are derived from the respective standard data transmission protocol.