ODU AMC® Easy-Clean Locking Kit

Mühldorf am Inn, February 24, 2021

Watch our new video and learn how to ensure even more reliable data and signal transmission despite strong vibrations – in just a few simple steps.

This solution enables an even more flexible range of applications. For example, users can quickly switch between individual interfaces thanks to the simple break‐away function or, if required, connect the systems on both sides using the AMC® Easy‐Clean Locking Kit to protect against vibrations. With the locking kit, ODU is expanding the application profile of our AMC® Easy‐Clean, especially in high‐vibration environments. Via 2‐in‐1 locking it ensures that data and signal transmissions are even more reliably protected against connection failures.

Furthermore, any ODU AMC® Easy‐Clean Connectors that are already installed in systems can be easily upgraded at any time. Our latest video shows you how they can be installed using the matching ODU AMC® Easy‐Clean Connectors in a few simple steps.

The locking kit is available for sizes 0.1 and 1.5. The kit is supplied as a complete package and includes a union nut for the cable with a screw mechanism, as well as a nut with thread for the receptacle.