Successful review of 2023 and optimistic plans for 2024

Mühldorf am Inn, January 18, 2024

ODU draws a positive balance for the year 2023 and gives a motivating outlook for the coming year 2024.

Looking back at 2023

Last year, ODU recorded a turnover of over 290 million euros and was able to record a slight growth. These successes are the result of hard work, high-quality products and a dedicated team of professionals. ODU was able to grow even faster than the market in 2023. ODU employs more than 2,700 people worldwide, almost 1,500 of whom work in Mühldorf am Inn, including about 150 trainees and dual students.

Outlook for 2024

For the current year, ODU plans to make further investments in its employees and the future of the company. In September 2024, 47 apprentices, including eight dual students, will begin their training in Mühldorf. This shows the company's commitment to training and promoting young talent.

In addition, ODU is planning three major investments:

  1. A state-of-the-art logistics centre is being built in Mühldorf am Inn that will increase productivity, increase speed and thereby improve customer and employee satisfaction. This investment aims to optimize efficiency in internal logistics processes and reduce costs. In this way, ODU is sustainably strengthening the positive trend of customer satisfaction.
  2. In Sibiu, Romania, capacity is being expanded to meet the continuing increase in demand.
  3. In Tijuana, Mexico, a technology and plant expansion will take place in order to further strengthen ODU's position in the industry on the North American continent as well.
  4. Robert Klemisch, ODU Managing Director, comments on these plans: "These investments are an important step in further expanding our global footprint and our ability to innovate in connector technology."

Success in key markets

In 2024, ODU will continue to have a strong presence in the markets for medical technology, measurement and testing technology, as well as military, communications and security technology. These areas were able to successfully meet the current challenges in the automotive market.

Dr.-Ing. Kurt Woelfl, Spokesman of the Management Board of ODU, comments on these developments: "Despite the challenges in the automotive market, our products remain highly regarded, and ODU is known as a reliable partner. We are working on numerous projects. These are time-consuming, often require patience, but lead to success and the goal."

ODU continues its mission to develop high-quality connector solutions and provide world-leading technology. The company remains committed to investing in innovation and people in order to continue to achieve excellence and strengthen its position in the industry.

About ODU

ODU is a global leader in connector technology with an impressive track record and a clear vision for the future. The company prides itself on its innovative specialists and promising ideas and modern technology. ODU is internationally positioned and always strives to inspire its customers with convincing solutions.

Statement of the ODU management:

2023 was a successful year for ODU, and we are proud to have been able to further strengthen our position as a leader in connector technology. Our financial stability, our investments in innovative technologies and, most importantly, our dedicated team of employees have enabled us to grow in a challenging economic environment.

Our investments in the training of young talents and our planned expansions in logistics, capacity and technology demonstrate our commitment to the future. At ODU, we believe that our best days are yet to come, and we will continue to develop our outstanding products and services to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

We would like to thank our entire team for their tireless efforts and passion. We would like to thank our customers and partners for their trust and long-standing partnership. We will continue to work hard to exceed our customers' expectations and consolidate our leading position in the connector technology industry.

Together, we look to the future with confidence, and we are convinced that we will continue to be successful in 2024. Thank you for your trust in ODU.

PR Section
Nicol Schindlbeck

Head of Corporate Communications