Field communication and power supply units in military applications

Mühldorf am Inn, December 11, 2023

ODU-MAC® White Line ensures reliability and security in data transmission

Field communications and power distribution units (PDUs) play a critical role in controlling and distributing power and data in military applications. Data transmission between different field devices enables real-time acquisition, monitoring and control of data. Key requirements include reliability and resilience, real-time communication and interoperability, and robustness and security.

Requirements for field communication and PDUs in military applications

In the context of field communications, security and confidentiality are top priorities in addition to the above requirements. The data must meet the required security standards. Encryption of the data and protection against unauthorized access is required. As military units are on the move, mobility, ease of transport and rapid re-deployment of field communications and power distribution units are crucial.

Security and confidentiality in field communication

The ODU-MAC® White-Line is a high-quality, modular connector system. It is robust, vibration-resistant and meets the requirements of the military environment. Due to the easy handling, a secure connection can be established even in the dark or under stress. With the hybrid connectors of the ODU-MAC® product family, individual combinations of signals, power, high current, high voltage, RF signals (coax), media such as air or liquids, data rates and optical fibres are possible in just one interface.

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