Solutions for today’s armed forces – New inserts for the ODU AMC® High-Density Connectors

Mühldorf am Inn, July 21, 2021

ODU AMC® High‐Density, Size 0 and 7 pin inserts

A new insert for the ODU AMC® High‐Density Connector in Size 0 is the ideal choice to meet the increasing technical requirements – especially if size and weight are critical factors. Future‐soldier programs – ASA in the US, GSA in the UK, IdZ‐ES / Gladius 2.0 in Germany and GOSSRA in the EU – and military equipment will certainly need connectors that meet the new challenges:

  • Climatic challenges – extremely low or high temperatures
  • Digital challenges in the area of wearables on soldiers, such as the use of augmented reality and real‐time data transmission, night vision systems, laser modules, and C4ISTAR systems

The next generation of tactical helmets, power supplies, and power distribution systems for tactical radios and reconnaissance equipment for remote surveillance and special reconnaissance will also require reliable, secure, and high‐performance connectors.

What is special about this new insert?

A larger contact diameter of 0.7 mm ensures increased durability when subjected to strong mechanical impacts. The 7‐contact configuration is a more future‐proof solution when compared to any other 6‐contact NETT‐Warrior connector. Performance requirements are increasing; customers will be looking for a suitable alternative to meet these new challenges.

Possible applications:

  • Reconnaissance, Surveillance
  • Advanced Weapon accessory
  • Communication
  • Radios
  • Mobile Device
  • Power distribution systems 
  • HUB`s
  • Augmented Reality
  • Hearing protection with integrated headset
  • Counter IED (for training and combat situations)

ODU AMC® High-Density, Size 0 and 12-contact inserts

Furthermore, ODU has built a new insert that enables power transmission via USB 3.2 Gen1x1 plus 5A. It allows easier PCB‐routing than the previous version, which requires a more complex rigid‐flex structure. Thanks to an advanced contact‐pin pattern developed on the basis of real‐world physical conditions, the new insert can deliver the full nominal current when used in a PCB.

Possible applications:

Wearable technology for soldiers such as GPS, tactical computers, C4ISTAR systems, etc. and for all markets and applications in which size and weight are critical.